Kneeling tree

Species: Ash-leaved maple (Acer negundo L.)
Age: 65 years years
Region: Krasnystaw, Lubelskie province, Poland

Kneeling tree - a symbol of determination

Several years ago, a 'kneeling' tree was identified for felling, as "unsightly and deformed". This met with vocal opposition, as a result of which the tree was saved. Today, it is a popular object for photographers, a playground for children, as well as a common theme of artworks. The form of a tree falling to the ground, as if broken, then rising with its crown towards the sun symbolizes determination in pursuing a goal, as well as a hope that does not allow itself to give up.
Tree of the year 2019
16856 votes
5th place
Nominated by: Krasnostawski Ruch Ekologiczny „VIRIDIS"
National contest organizer: Klub Gaja