Raudonė Castle Lime

Species: Small-leaved Lime (Tilia cordata Mill.)
Age: Unknown years
Region: Raudonė Town, Jurbarkas District Municipality, Lithuania

Wonderful seven-trunk witness of serfdom

This small-leaved lime grows near the castle of Raudonė. There is a metal rod in between two of its trunks at a height of about 3 meters. According to legend, seven serfs were tied to the rod and beaten to death, and so the lime split into seven trunks from great pain. The trunk of the lime branches up into several trunks that split into two or more parts. The branches are like the hands of the tormented people, reaching up to 30 m height.
Tree of the year 2019
12148 votes
13th place
Nominated by: Panemuniai Regional Park
National contest organizer: Lithuanian Arboricultural Center