Nellie's Tree

Species: Beech (fagus sylvatica)
Age: 100 years years
Region: Leeds, Yorkshire, England, UK

The most romantic tree in England

Nearly 100 years ago, Vic Stead would walk to the nearby village to visit Nellie, the young lady he was courting. One day, he came across three beech saplings on his route, and grafted one sapling between the other two to form the letter N, in an attempt to woo his sweetheart. Vic and Nellie would go on to marry and have a family, and although they are both gone now, Nellie’s tree, also known as the Love Tree, still remains. It is still popular with lovers today and is the site of proposals.

Tree of the year 2019
14408 votes
7th place
Nominated by: Chris Lund
National contest organizer: Woodland Trust