Secular Holm Oak from Monte Barbeiro

Species: Holm Oak (Quercus rotundifolia Lam)
Age: 150 years years
Region: Mértola Town, Region of Alentejo, Portugal

The centenary shadow tree

The holm oak is a very resilient tree, part of a unique Mediterranean production system - the "Montado", that sustains the economy of fragile territories and contributes to biodiversity and rural development. The best way to understand the magnificence of the Secular Holm Oak is by its large shadow. Sitting under the tree canopy makes the scorching heat in Alentejo summer almost bearable, allowing us to contemplate the vastness of the surrounding plains, breathing its peace and quietness.
Tree of the year 2019
32630 votes
3rd place
Nominated by: Municipality of Mértola
National contest organizer: UNAC - Union of the Mediterranian Forest