The bird-tree

Species: Cork Oak (Quercus suber)
Age: 200-230years years
Region: Ghisonaccia, Haute-Corse, France

The protective cork oak "Arburacellu" of Ghisonaccia

The outline of a bird of prey spreading its wings: The unusual shape of the trunk of this Corsican cork oak is thought to have been caused by a fire, as shown by its calcined heart. An element of mystery remains though: when you approach its wings, there comes a growing feeling of protection, then walk a few steps further and this fleeting feeling is gone. Does the bird-tree have magical powers? Thanks to all its protectors, this tree, though exposed to elements, should enliven the wild landscape of Ghisonaccia in Eastern Corsica for a long time yet.
Tree of the year 2019
29140 votes
4th place
Nominated by: Yves Goletto
National contest organizer: Association A.R.B.R.E.S.