Elm of Navajas
Species: Elm (Ulmus minor)
Age: 382 years
Region: Navajas,Castellón, Spain
A very loved elm
This Elm is one of the greatest sources of historical pride in Navajas, a small town of 750 inhabitants, where they have always professed a great love and respect for trees. On the plaque that recalls its origin reads "This elm was planted by Roque Pastor in the year 1636". Its 382 years of life make it unique in Europe. On its 350th birthday the inhabitants made a hymn to the elm tree, a program of events throughout the year and elm cuttings were distributed everywhere, even in Germany.
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European Tree of the Year 2019
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12th place 
Nominated by: Municipality of Navajas
National contest organizer: Bosques Sin Fronteras
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