Ancient Sycamore Tree

Species: East sycamore tree (Platanus orientalis L.)
Age: 284 years years
Region: Derbent, Republic of Dagestan, Russia.

The ancient sycamore tree - a witness of history, the guardian of the mosque.

The Ancient East is full of secrets and legends. According to a legend, the great commander of the East, Nadir-shah, looked after the sprouts of the sycamore tree that adorned the territory of the Juma mosque in ancient Derbent. Admiring the mighty giant the writer, Aleksandr Bestuzhev-Marlinsky, composed his works. Today the majestic patriarch adorns the central part of the house of worship, being a symbol of power, one of the places of attraction for the people of Dagestan and guests of the Republic. They create legends about it, poetize it, and depict it in paintings.
Tree of the year 2021
66026 votes
3rd place
Nominated by: The Russian national project "Trees as natural heritage monuments"
National contest organizer: Zdorovy Les, NPSA