The Old Mulberry

Species: Mulberry (Morus alba L.)
Age: around450 years
Region: Veliki Preslav, Shumen Region, Bulgaria

The Old Mulberry in Veliki Preslav

The Old Mulberry has proudly stood for centuries at the central town square – now a public garden. It brings together young and old people to pass time together and enjoy the tree and a fountain. Back in time, near the veteran tree was the town pub. The centuries have passed the story of Stefan Karadzha – renowned national revolutionary. He outwitted the head of the local administrative unit by succeeding to hide in this much visited and noticeable pub, during a chase by the Ottoman army unit.
Tree of the year 2021
30055 votes
14th place
Nominated by: Community Center "Razvitie 1874", Veliki Preslav