Plane Tree of Rossio

Species: London Plane (Platanus x hispanica Mill. ex Münchh.)
Age: 182 years years
Region: Portalegre, Portugal

London Plane of Rossio, the Beloved

Planted in 1838, it’s the largest in the Iberian Peninsula. Majestic in size, its trunk has a perimeter of 7 m, and its treetop has a diameter of 37 m. It’s Portalegre’s ex-libris. It houses, in its long and sturdy branches, years and years of collective memories and endless secrets. It has been a place of meetings, the birthplace of clubs, associations and brass bands. This Plane continues, with great resilience, to amaze admirers, listening to lonely confessions and inspiring artists.
Tree of the year 2021
37410 votes
4th place
Nominated by: Município de Portalegre
National contest organizer: UNAC - Union of the Mediterranian Forest