The thousand-year-old plane tree of Curinga

Species: Plane tree (Platanus orientalis L.)
Age: 1000 years years
Region: Sant'Elia - Vrisi - Catanzaro - CALABRIA - ITALIA

Curinga plane tree

The Curinga plane tree is located in a very unusual position: overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, it juts out over a small stream. From the height of its majesty, this "guardian" seems to lovingly watch over the forest. It is thought to be planted by Basilian monks who arrived in Calabria more than a thousand years ago and that built the hermitage of Sant'Elia, but its trunk may be even older. Its trunk is completely hollow and has an opening more than 3 metres wide; whoever enters it has the feeling of being inside an incredible woody cave. Thanks to the huge size of its circumference it is now the largest plane tree in Italy.
Tree of the year 2021
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2nd place
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