The ancient Mother Tree

Species: Linden tree (Tilia platyphyllos Scop.)
Age: 345 years years
Region: Etten-Leur, province Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands

The Mother Tree, a pearl in the heart of a vivid town.

As a symbol for gathering and meeting The Mother Tree on the market square of Etten-Leur has been part of society for 345 years. Wear,tear and lots of attention through the ages gave it its striking appearance. Rooted in the heart of people, this linden tree is a silent witness to 1001 stories, emotions and events. Arguments were settled and young love blossomed under its long branches. It even inspired the later world famous painter Vincent van Gogh. Everyone, of any age, loves this green pearl!
Tree of the year 2021
34244 votes
6th place
Nominated by: Kees van Aert and local community
National contest organizer: SBNL Natuurfonds