Saint Jan Nepomucen’s Linden

Species: Little leaf linden (Tilia cordata Miller)
Age: 150-170 years years
Region: Dulcza Wielka, Podkarpackie Province

Rural benefactress

According to an ancient Polish custom a linden would be planted when a daughter was born. This is how our linden was planted 170 years ago or maybe was it on birds’ merit? The tree is standing at the verge of the village close to the fields. Nothing was standing in her way thus she grew her branches wide (25 m). She became a benefactress giving shadow to those who worked in the field, a place to rest for trekkers and nectar for the bees. The shrine of saint Jan Nepomucen standing close by has given an air of magic to the place. Its unusual beauty surprises and inspires admiration for nature’s power. There is no other linden tree like this!
Tree of the year 2021
35422 votes
5th place
Nominated by: League of Nature Protection, Subcarpathian District in Rzeszów
National contest organizer: Klub Gaja