The Eldest Resident of Medulin - Chocolate Tree of our Memories

Species: European Nettle Tree (Celtis australis L.)
Age: 115 years years
Region: Medulin, Istria County, Croatia

The eldest resident of Medulin

Years fly by she tells us. The town square was always alive. With a market, dances, centuries-old traditions as Carnival Prince burning or ritual May thefts when young men show courage and love to girls by stealing flowers, fences, cars or boats from locals who find them under the town square tree. Today she enjoys a movie or play, sways at summer concerts, sings for Christmas when she dresses up to spend time with locals and guests. Above all she loves children's play and laughter, she'll treat them to magical chocolate berries in the future too. So she says, the eldest resident of Medulin, our town square Nettle Tree.

Tree of the year 2021
31283 votes
10th place