The Millennial Carrasca of Lecina
Species: Holm oak (Quercus ilex L.)
Age: 1000 years
Region: Huesca, Aragón, Spain
The tree of witches
Legend tells of the times when witches populated the Guara Mountains's, where they danced and celebrated around the holm oak. A thousand years later, its this union with people that continues to be the cause for why the holm oak still stands in the small town of Alto Aragón with only 13 inhabitants. The neighbors chose it and continue to choose it for their celebrations. It is surprising because of its proximity to the houses whilst being such an old tree and yet it is so alive; the secret will surely be the care and company of Lecina's neighbors and those witches.
Photo: Lecina Council{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2021
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1st place 
Nominated by: Lecina Council
National contest organizer: Bosques Sin Fronteras
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The Millennial Carrasca of Lecina
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1st place 
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United Kingdom
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14th place 
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