Species: Camellia (Camellia Japonica L.)
Age: 300 Ā years
Region: GuimarĆ£es, Braga, Portugal

The perfect symbiosis between Nature and Human

Multisecular, located in GuimarĆ£es, within the centennial gardens of the ancient Villa Margaridi (X th century), integrated into a Historical Garden, exemplifying the art of Topiary, with high aesthetic and biological value, it stands out for centuries of careful shaping, that have resulted in a monumental creation of volumes, colors, and geometrical shapes. A magnificent example of the symbiosis between Nature and Human. It is listed as National Heritage since 2022 and was elected Tree of the Year, in GuimarĆ£es, in 2021.

Tree of the year 2024
13508 votes
4thĀ place
Nominated by: Rita Salgado | MunicĆ­pio de GuimarĆ£es | Villa Margaridi
National contest organizer: UNAC - Mediterranean Forest Union