The Thousand-year-old Olive Tree of Luras

Species: Olea eropaea subsp. oleaster (Hoffmanns. & Link)
Age: 3000-4000Ā years
Region: Luras, Sardinia, Italy

The thousand-year-old olive tree of Luras

The thousand-year-old olive tree of Luras is a natural wonder that fascinates and amazes with its grandeur and beauty. Located in the small town of Luras, in Sardinia, this centuries-old tree is considered one of the oldest specimens of wild olive on the island. He is defined as the ā€œPatriarch of natureā€ for the wisdom of his age, estimated to be between 3000 and 4000 years old.
The tree has a robust and resistant structure, which testifies to its longevity, a true symbol of resilience and continuity.

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