Lithuania’s Patriarch Tree

Species: Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.)
Age: 200 years
Region: Ožkabaliai I Village, Vilkaviškis District Municipality, Lithuania

Where the nation‘s father spent his childhood

The horse chestnut growing in the homestead of Jonas Basanavičius, known as the Patriarch of the Nation, is the only authentic object surviving World War II reminiscent of his lifetime. In the past people used to gather under its branches to express their national beliefs and patriotism, even if it was punishable in the occupied country. They used to decorate the branches of the tree by national flags and woven bands. Today, museum visitors lean against it to experience the Patriarch’s spirit.

Tree of the year 2024
6656 votes
11th place
Nominated by: Jonas Basanavičius Birthplace, National Museum of Lithuania
National contest organizer: Lithuanian Arboricultural Center