The Maria Lime

Species: Large-leaved lime (Tilia platyphyllos L.)
Age: 650+Ā years
Region: Oisterwijk, Province of Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

650 years of stories and memories

First officially mentioned in 1388, the Maria Lime tree in Oisterwijk, a.k.a. the Old Lime, is likely more than 650 years old. Her life is intertwined with many generations of inhabitants. Underneath her impressive crown, justice was served and town meetings were held. It was said she could shelter up a lot of people. The Maria Lime tree saw numerous markets, weddings and city festivities. During the 1800s, she nearly died, but formed a new trunk. Still loved by all.

Tree of the year 2024
9976 votes
7thĀ place
Nominated by: Bezoek Oisterwijk (local tourist organisation)
National contest organizer: SBNL Natuurfonds