The Cedar of the Sainte-Marie college

Species: Cedar (Cedrus atlatica)
Age: 140Ā years
Region: Arlon, wallonia, Belgium

The reassuring link between the city and nature

Anyone who has passed by this school or enters the city will be familiar with this majestic tree. It shapes the landscape and creates a reassuring link between nature and the city.
A cedar here? Sometimes considered the sacred tree of the gods, sometimes a symbol of fertility, peace and harmony. A remarkable symbol chosen by the Marists! Today, with a height of 28 m., a spread of 27 m and a trunk with a circumference of 470 cm, it is one of the largest cedars in Belgium.
This cedar, the emblem of the school, is one of the most beautiful trees in our Region.

Tree of the year 2024
4834 votes
15thĀ place
Nominated by: City of Arlon and Institut Sainte-Marie (school)