The Weeping Beech of Bayeux

Species: Weeping Beech (Fagus sylvatica f. pendula)
Age: 160Ā years
Region: Bayeux, department of Calvados, Normandy region, France

A living monument with a gigantic canopee

The Beech of Bayeux is a rare French Natural Monument, becoming as famous as Bayeux Tapestry in Normandy. Popular for his immense weeping canopy and massive twisted branches probably related to Verzyā€™s fau, he is a perfect romantic spot for celebrations and weddings. Spreading over 40m width today, the city had to keep on perfecting an incredible supporting structure for the last 100 years! Ongoing care and love for the tree, also shown in emails he gets, are his best protection for the future.

Tree of the year 2024
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2ndĀ place
Nominated by: ngo A.R.B.R.E.S. for City of Bayeux