Pear Tree in the Middle of a Field

Species: Common Pear (Pyrus communis L.)
Age: 110 years
Region: Municipality of Mrákotín, Pardubice Region, Czech Republic

The Symbol of Resistance

The memorial pear tree is not very large, measuring about two metres around the trunk and eight metres in height. However, it is extremely resilient and brave. It survived collectivisation in the times of former Czechoslovakia, the consolidation of fields, the construction of land reclamation and unprofessional interventions in the surrounding landscape. Its unusual shape reflects the strong winds that most often blow from the west in this region, as well as its lonely location in the middle of a field.

Tree of the year 2024
10433 votes
5th place
Nominated by: Ludmila Vacková, Municipality of Mrákotín, MAS Hlinecko, SOMH (Association of Municipalities of the Microregion Hlinecko), MSL (Microregion Skutečsko - Ležáky)
National contest organizer: Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation